Officially, I call myself an Instructional Content Strategist, but I like to think of myself as a Content Alchemist. I help you take your content - your Zone of Brilliance - and transform it into sellable assets, such as courses and books.

For your course content, my fusion of writing and education/corporate training experience allows me to analyze your course objectives and your audience to help you design online training and other educational materials that will truly transform your students or clients.  And bring them back for more!

For your book (or other assets), I can help you take your existing content (podcasts, blog posts, course) and create a structure that works in book form. And if you'd like to outsource some or all of the writing, I'm also an experienced editor and ghostwriter. I'd love to help you bring your book to life!

Let's make a difference together by helping your clients realize results!


  • Program Planning Consult
    • Develop the structure for your course, book, or other asset, so you have a roadmap for successfully completing your project!
  • "PLOT Your Course" (Planning, Lessons, Outcomes, Tools) Content Creation
    • Writing & Editing Scripts
    • Editing & Auditing your existing course content
  • Online Training (Coming soon)
    • PLOT Your Course: Four Steps to Design Your Program in 30 Days
    • Mini-Trainings
  • PDF Guides
    • Opt-In Freebies (cheat sheets, blueprints, roadmaps, etc.)
    • Training materials (e.g., facilitator guides), Handouts, Assignments, Workbooks
  • Writing and editing for education-based marketing content (e.g., "how-to" blog posts)