Why Groups for Entrepreneurs Can Accelerate Success

As humans, we’re community-driven beings, which is why being an entrepreneur can be lonely and isolating at times. So what do we do about it? We partner up with some “biz besties,” find a mentor, or hire a coach. Another option is to find a “tribe” of other business owners to join. These groups for…

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16 Things about Melissa Lehman

On one hand, I’m hesitant to write this because I not 100% comfortable making this “The Melissa Lehman Show!” Even though it is my blog. (I may or may not have issues about “being a show-off” lingering from my childhood.) On the other, amid all the internet racket of promos, and offers, and pitches (Oh…

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Better Planning to Hit Q1 Goals

Okay, before I get into the details about how I’m feeling behind – and how I’m tweaking my planning to hit my Q1 goals – I have confession. I am a total hoarder of information – online content, books, courses, you name it! As a result of this tendency to want to know ALL the…

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Online Courses that Deliver Results (Are Shortcuts)

Courses that Deliver Results Are Shortcuts Clock Image

Everyone who’s creating an online course wants to deliver results to their clients, but course creators sometimes struggle to figure out the best way to do that. The top questions I get from coaches and consultants designing their first course are “How long should my course be?” “How much content do I include in my…

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No Shortcuts in Life? Plan Your Online Course to BE a Shortcut!

When you’re planning your online course, your focus should be on the outcome. The solution to a problem. Relief from a pain point. The results. That’s what your clients are really paying you for when they buy your online course. You’re probably thinking that you already knew that. But is it what you’re really focused on…

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You know what a BFD is but not a BFR, right? Well, a BFR is something that helps you achieve your BHAG. (Big, hairy, audacious goal – but I’m sure you knew that one, too.) Let me tell a fun, short story. I live almost due east of Pittsburgh, PA, by about 30 miles. If I leave…

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I’m AmbivaLENT about being an AmbiVERT

People who know me think I’m outgoing. For example, at my best friend’s wedding, her grandmother sarcastically joked, “We really need to do something about your shyness,” meaning, she thought I wasn’t at all shy, because I was doing something goofy. I know now that this isn’t unique to me, but that used to catch me off guard…

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Don’t Be Down in the (Brain) Dumps

Online courses in the entrepreneurial world have been and continue to be a hot topic because of the many benefits to online business owners, including the abilities to Generate passive income Reach more people Charge premium pricing Amplify authority Scale a business Because it’s one of the faster and easier ways to create passive income, many…

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Don’t Supersize It

No, I didn’t suddenly become a health coach, and I’m not telling you to avoid the XXL French fries. (You totally should, though. I care about you.) I’m talking about watching your content portion sizes – for your course or otherwise. You see, we have a tendency to serve up more information than people need…

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