On one hand, I’m hesitant to write this because I not 100% comfortable making this “The Melissa Lehman Show!” Even though it is my blog. (I may or may not have issues about “being a show-off” lingering from my childhood.)

On the other, amid all the internet racket of promos, and offers, and pitches (Oh my!), I find that I prefer to get to know the person behind the laptop. I hope you feel the same and give at least a small hoot about WTF Melissa Lehman is. Here goes nothing!

Melissa Lehman is

  1. A word nerd. I love to learn new words and I’m mildly addicted to using the online thesaurus to discover new options. My favorite word is “whimsy” – it’s fun to say and the world needs more of it!
  2. A fast & prolific talker. I talk. A lot. I like talking, but I don’t have to do all the talking. I can shut up when someone else is talking. But talking is preferred over quiet.
  3. An “ambivert.” Before I heard that term, I’d say I was an extrovert with a time limit. People energize me, but once I’m “full,” I’m done. (I recently learned that my Myers-Briggs type, ENFP, is considered to be “the most introverted of the extroverts.” #legit)
  4.  “A life-long learner.” I know that sounds super cheesy. But I’ve always been interested in learning & personal development.When I was in school, I never understood the people who didn’t like learning.
  5. Someone with ADHD. I have two modes, with almost no in between. I call them “SQUIRREL!” (all over the place) and “crystal meth” (focused af). What’s extra fun about this is that I only figured this out a few years ago. So, I’m just starting to figure out the best ways to manage it. Throw in a touch of anxiety (that’s probably driven by the ADHD) and it’s always a good time up in my brain!
  6. A recovering planner addict. Every Q4, I’d spend a bunch of time figuring out what planner I wanted for the following year. I need one page per day, because a weekly spread is too much to look at, and space for appointments, tasks, and several areas for different types of notes. I finally came up with my own system that’s working well for me.
  7.  A hoarder of information. Give me ALL the books, courses, blogs, and podcasts! Note my sash on this illustration by the amazing Emily Marko, drawn at a workshop she was leading a few years ago.

8. Very short. I’m actually five feet and half an inch, but I typically leave that 1/2 inch out. Sounds like I’m trying too hard.

9. A woman with a juvenile affinity for swearing. I can’t fucking help myself.

10. Someone who’s never broken a bone {knocks wood}. When I was a kid, I was a gymnast. I’ve heard that, among the various types of athletes, they have the strongest bones due to the full-body-impact nature of the sport. Or maybe I’ve just been lucky.

11. A wife and mom. My husband Bob and I have two amazing daughters. “Mom” was the only thing I knew I wanted to be when I grew up. My desire to have a loving, supportive home is my ‘why’ for wanting to run my own business.

12. An older sister. My mom had one perfect child. It’s not what you’re thinking. It’s the average of my brother Tim and me. I’m high-strung; he’s totally chill. (We’re both funny as hell, though.)

13. Not good at singing. Two words: Tone. Deaf. But that didn’t stop me from singing my new lyrics to Party in the USA at the Boss Mom retreat in 2018. Because sometimes you just have to do things poorly.

Melissa Lehman sings karaoke for the first (and probably last) time!
PHOTO CREDIT: Taylor Lauren Barker

14. Obsessed with: Wonder Woman (since I was a kid); the Marvel universe (I’m kind of a late-blooming nerd); Kermit the Frog; Pete the Cat (oh, how I want to be this zen!); Frixion pens.

15. A former – and newbie-again – runner. I started running at age 41 and kept it up for 6-7 years. Then I had this low iron issue (since fixed!) that zapped all my energy and mojo. So, I’m starting over with couch to 5K, which is both exciting and depressing. Exciting because I know it works. Depressing because I used to be able to run for 2+ hours. Right now, I can barely keep it up for two minutes! But I’ll get there!

16. Someone who’s always been a little bit sassy. Or a lot. The intensity comes and goes.

Melissa Lehman, circa 1977
(I wish I still had that hat!)

Now tell me one thing about you in the comments! I dare you. 🙂

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