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16 Things about Melissa Lehman

On one hand, I’m hesitant to write this because I not 100% comfortable making this “The Melissa Lehman Show!” Even though it is my blog. (I may or may not have issues about “being a show-off” lingering from my childhood.) On the other, amid all the internet racket of promos, and offers, and pitches (Oh…

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Better Planning to Hit Q1 Goals

Okay, before I get into the details about how I’m feeling behind – and how I’m tweaking my planning to hit my Q1 goals – I have confession. I am a total hoarder of information – online content, books, courses, you name it! As a result of this tendency to want to know ALL the…

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Online Courses that Deliver Results (Are Shortcuts)

Courses that Deliver Results Are Shortcuts Clock Image

Everyone who’s creating an online course wants to deliver results to their clients, but course creators sometimes struggle to figure out the best way to do that. The top questions I get from coaches and consultants designing their first course are “How long should my course be?” “How much content do I include in my…

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Get Your Course Content Checkpoints!

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