You know what a BFD is but not a BFR, right?

Well, a BFR is something that helps you achieve your BHAG. (Big, hairy, audacious goal – but I’m sure you knew that one, too.)

Let me tell a fun, short story.

I live almost due east of Pittsburgh, PA, by about 30 miles. If I leave my little town and head east, I pass through Latrobe, PA (for context: home of Arnold Palmer, Fred Rogers, and the banana split) and start heading into the mountains and into a quaint town called Ligonier.  This drive is lovely, especially in the fall. On your right, you’ll see the bubbling Loyalhanna Creek, and on your left, you’ll have the mountains, the tall trees, and the “BFRs.”

My dad taught me about the BFRs when I was a kid and we were driving to Ligonier to go to a pie shop or to my great aunt’s house. It’s one of my fondest memories, trying to be the first to spot the BFRs.  Here they are.

They are “the big, fat* rocks” jutting out of our rugged, western portion of the Appalachian Mountains. (*Yes, “fat.” I  just told you, dad made this up when I was little.) My geography professor told us that the Appalachians are comprised of some of the oldest rock on the planet!

Wanting to clear my head, I took a drive to visit these literal BFRs, as I contemplated my figurative BFRs: The “big rocks” I need to “put in the jar” (before the small rocks and the sand – you know the analogy) in order to reach my 2018 goals.

I don’t know about you, but I have quite a bit I’d like to accomplish in the (as of this writing) 72 days that are left in the year. And yes, I have been counting down because, although 72 days seems like a decent chunk of time, I know how much the holidays eat up time and add to my stress levels. So with only 31 days until Thanksgiving, I feel like the holidays are already bearing down on me. And I don’t like it!

This year, I intend to mitigate the Q4 stressors by laser-focusing on completing my BFRs before the holiday season begins. I want to both achieve my goals and enjoy the holidays with my family this year, so the next 31 days are going to only be about the priorities at the tippy-top of my list. The other business tasks – and the shopping, classroom parties, wrapping, etc. – can take care of themselves in the 40 days that fall between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.

Here’s where I hope that one of my BFRs converges with one of yours! That is, I have a BFR to help others finish a BFR before Thanksgiving and that holiday rush!

If you started to create an online course in 2018, but somehow got derailed, I have created a low-cost, four-week, group program focused on helping you get it done before the holiday craziness.

How great would it feel to complete your course and have it ready for January, when everyone is looking to invest in themselves?

It starts 10/30, so if you want to knock a course BRF off your list ASAP, hop on a free, 15-minute call with me to get the specifics!


In the meantime, what are your Q4 “BFRs”?

What are your strategies for ensuring you achieve them?


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