No, I didn’t suddenly become a health coach, and I’m not telling you to avoid the XXL French fries. (You totally should, though. I care about you.) I’m talking about watching your content portion sizes – for your course or otherwise.

You see, we have a tendency to serve up more information than people need to take in. More details than they’re thirsty for. More content “fat” than your audience’s recommended daily dose of, well, you. (I’ll stop with the food analogy.)

Have you been on the receiving end of content TMI? Maybe you were reading an email – that you were interested in – but saw the scrollbar out of the corner of your eye, and thought, What? I’m only halfway?! It didn’t take this long to read The Dead Sea Scrolls!” [taps ‘DEL’ button].

Don’t do this to your peeps, sister!

Okay, I said I’d abandon the food analogy, but it happens to work so well….

What Happens When We Supersize Our Content?

When we consume too much at a single sitting, it starts to lose its flavor, and it turns into mindless consumption. (Netflix and popcorn, y’all?) We may keep reading, but it’s like empty calories – we stop getting anything nourishing out of it.

Plus, being served too much content can start to make you feel a little sick, just as oversharing can be uncomfortable in personal situations. It’s like when the new mom in the carpool line is trying too hard to be your friend and starts sharing all her secrets. (That’s enough, Susan.) You don’t want to be offputting to your following by regurgitating your expertise faster than they can ingurgitate (did you know that was a word?!) it, any more than you’d want to alienate the moms at the PTA or the women in your Zumba class by telling them a little too much about your battle with your chin hairs. [I may have just overshared there, myself.]

We all gain more from bite-sized learning than we do from supersized chunks. 
Think: Content tapas, not all-you-can-eat, content buffet.

Why do we do it?

Let’s take a look so we can put a stop to this nonsense, make the whole content creation process easier on ourselves, and stop overfeeding our clients. (They’re like goldfish. You gotta be careful.)

Reasons we overshare:

We’re in love with our content.
Your business and its content is your thang, your jam. If you couldn’t talk about it all day, you wouldn’t have started this business in the first place, amirite? But the people you’re talking to just aren’t that into you. They may know, like, and trust you and be super-loyal clients or followers, but it’s like your baby: No matter how perfect it is, no one is going to love it like you do.

“It” is easy for us.
You may think that this is so easy, and therefore people can just gobble it up as quickly as you can. They can’t. And that’s good news. If they could, they wouldn’t need you anymore.  It’s easy for you. It’s not easy for them. But feed it to them in small portions, and you can watch them grow up, big and strong.

We’re “proving” ourselves.
We can doubt that we’re enough of an expert. So we think what we’re sharing is never enough to prove that our audience should listen to what we have to say. IDEA: Let’s all just say “ENOUGH” to that noise, okay ladies? You know enough. You are enough. If you need more help, search it. There are tons of articles (that will help you more than I can) – because literally, everyone has this issue.

Women feel the need to constantly “overdeliver.”
Closely related to the above, we like to be the “good girls” who do everything just so. We don’t merely buy our girlfriend the perfect gift for her birthday. We meticulously wrap it in expensive, Hallmark store paper (not that dollar store shit). We don’t bring store-bought cupcakes to the classroom party, we make Pinterest-ready, themed treats for the Halloween soiree to please the other moms our little angels. Guess what! “Overdelivering” with content actually means sharing less! Really! You’re “overdelivering ” by doing the mental work of paring it down to the amount that’s understandable without being overwhelming!

So there you have it! Stop oversharing. It will do your body (of work) good!


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