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Welcome to my lab!

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The dress code is genius-casual, so feel free to hang out, maybe sip a powerful elixir, and make yourself at home while we prepare for world (wide web) domination!

I am Melissa Lehman, M.Ed., and - in Lehman's terms* - I apply my experience as a teacher, corporate trainer, and copywriter to help coaches, trainers, and consultants craft strategic content to support their education-based marketing efforts and to create sellable assets, such online programs.

I am passionate about helping other online entrepreneurs create content to build "know, like, & trust" and strategically nurture their audiences, turning them into clients and raving fans. When it comes to their salable products, I coach entrepreneurs to expertly structure and deliver their programs to foster demonstrable results for their clients.

I'd love to help you unleash your brilliance to reach more people, amplify your authority, and make more moolah through strategic content creation! If you want to learn more about how I work with trainers, coaches, and other online Einsteins, visit my About Me and Services pages.

C'mon in! You are hereby granted full access to the lab.

*Yes, this is how you say my name: ley-muh n!

I would love to hear from you.

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